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Capital Gains and Closing Costs for Sellers of Property in Mexico.

Capital Gains and Closing Costs for Sellers of Property in Mexico.

Part I

Capital Gains Tax Overview for Selling your home in Mexico

One of the habits of highly effective people is to begin with the ending in mind. As you are buying an investment property Riviera Maya, think first of your exit strategy, for the time when you sell your Mexico vacation property.
As a brief synopsis, the tax laws change frequently in Mexico and the capital gains tax situation does also, especially as Mexico is catching up to the rest of the world.
Mexico government applies ISR, “impuestos sobre rentas”, capital gains taxes, differently when selling a primary residence in Mexico and selling a vacation home in Mexico.
Mexico and Canada and United States have a tax treaty and recognize taxes paid in each others’ countries so you are not double taxed.
In very basic format, a residence that is deemed a primary residence can be sold exempt of ISR, (capital gains taxes), if certain conditions apply. This is advice can be further clarified by a public notario/lawyer to make your selling process smooth and understandable. We at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate Services will make sure you get this consultation.
If selling a home that is not your permanent residence, there are other tax applications for selling a second home in Mexico. When selling Playa del Carmen vacation real estate, capital gains is tax 30%. It is calculated by the difference between the price on the current title of the property and new sale price that will be declared on the new title.
There are some ways to mitigate this, however It is not the purpose of this website to give detailed tax advice. As part of listing our service I will arrange for consultations, in which you can discuss various tax options with a couple of good lawyers/Public Notarios.
Ultimately when selling a property in Mexico, it is the joint responsibility of the owner and Public Notario/lawyer to pay capital gains tax to the Mexican government.
Public Notarios are the ultimate authority on ISR (capital gains taxes) and transfer of title when you list and sell your home in Mexico.

Part II

Seller Closing Costs When Selling a Property in Mexico A Public Notario, who has the ultimate authority of land title transfers in Mexico and all things related this, will give you a proposal a budget for what it will cost you to sell you home in Mexico.
Over and above the ISR (capital gains taxes) previously discussed, there are several documents a seller has to provide for a property to be ready to transfer to a new owner. These are to ensure from the state and municipality and Title Registry that there are no debts and liens on the property.
These permits and costs are the responsibility of the current titleholder not the buyer. Below is a brief synopsis of expenses that a seller covers when selling a home in Mexico.
The owners' expenses for selling a house or condo in Mexico begins with knowing what value is being declared on sales contract. We can see the costs of various forms a seller must provide before a property can be sold and clear title transferred to new owners, when do a sample of seller’s closings expenses on a property with declared value of:
2,900,000 pesos (245,000 usd)
  • 200 mxn (Mol)** =17 usd
  • 210 mxn ( Mol)=18 usd
  • *6000 mxn (Mol) = 500 usd
*(=equal one year property taxes, so this varies with every property)
  • 800 mxn ( Mol)= 70 usd
  • 80 mxn ( Mol)= 5 usd
  • 300 mxn ( Mol) = 25 usd
  • =400-1200 usd (Mol)
Closing costs for seller on property $245,000 usd is approximately 1,835.00 usd including lawyer fees.
Your notario will give a budget for exact closing costs in advance so there are no surprises. We will make sure that you received a consultation for this.
*Permit costs vary depending on Municipality in which property is located and which notario is used to close.
**( Mol = more or less)

Marketing your Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen Property for Sale

Marketing your Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen Property for Sale:

1)  Consider the Price of your Real Estate for sale Riviera Maya.
NATURALLY, EVERYONE WANTS TO GET THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE for the sale of their Playa del Carmen condo or home.
Be careful though to understand the REALITY of what your property can sell for, after consulting with your agent. What you think it is worth and what it will sell for can often be two completely diffferent amounts.
If you start out with a high sales price, too high for recent activity, then have to drop it later -- your house becomes "old news". It will be difficult to recapture that new-to-market frenzy of initial interest you might have had with a more realistic price. As a result, your house could take longer to sell. Much longer. This could mean lost opportunity cost of money.
The price of your home for sale in Playa del Carmen or Playacar, Riviera Maya is determined by several factors such as recent known sales, the amount of real estate for sale in Playa del Carmen, and how rapidly you want to sell.
With more than 8 years full time experience in Playa del Carmen real estate, I have my ear to the ground for you and know the true market conditions. I will give you an honest appraisal of your Riviera Maya property.
2) Consider WHERE and HOW to market your Playa del Carmen property for sale.
At Living Riviera Maya Real Estate I use a combination of marketing techniques to promote your property for sale Playa del Carmen.
This can include:  other “outside” realty websites to promote your property at my expense; posting to a variety of Social Networking sites; promoting your property to all other Playa del Carmen real estate agents; marketing your property to my database of 3000+ buyers for Playa del Carmen real estate; local and international and national media.
Just ask me for a FREE MARKETING APPRAISAL to get the most out of selling your home in Playa del Carmen.
     3) Consider Closing Costs and Capital Gains taxes to sell a property Riviera Maya.
Don’t be surprised at the last minute with the very real costs that an owner must pay to successfully sell a property Riviera Maya. These costs will impact your net profit. Be sure to it understand from the beginning.
Let me at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate make sure you receive solid advice from the Notario in advance of the closing to understand your costs.
You can Read a brief summary about closing costs for a seller here.
Then contact me for FREE appraisal of your property and discussion of Marketing plan to sell your Playa del Carmen Real Estate, or Riviera Maya Property.

YES Contact me for marketing appraisal of my home !

Please complete and submit the following Online Home Evaluation form. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.
To provide a more detailed Comparative Market Analysis, we would be more than happy to also assess your listing in person. Please fill out the form and I will be in touch with you shortly. Or you can call me 1 800 441 3275 USA/CAN Toll Free or 1 604 628 7247.

Mortgages in Mexico for Foreigners- Living Riviera Maya Real Estate explains it to you

Mortgages in Mexico for Foreigners

Can You Financing your Mexico real estate purchase with a bank loan in Mexico?
Until very recently,mortgages in Mexico were available for foreigners. Sadly until further notice the banks have stopped the usd based loan for foreigners and are not taking any more applications. Bancomer ( Compass Bank in US) and Scotiabank were the two major lenders in usd for properties in Mexico for foreigners. IN Jan 2012 Bancomer stopped their program and in April 2012 Scotiabank stopped taking new applications also. We are told that they will resume some time in the near future.

Stay tuned. 
At this point in time there are limited sources of loans such as peso based bank loans, or private fund financing. Some owners will offer short term financing to buy real estate Playa del Carmen. Just ask me for options. However mainly be thinking about how much cash you have to buy a Playa del Carmen property and focus on that level, is my recommendation.
As soon as something changes for mortgages in Mexico I will post here on this website and also on my facebook page https://www.facebook.livingrivieramayarealestate
When bank mortgages for property in Mexico for foreigners was available some time starting around 2007, it gave many people more options. Before that, the ability to get a loan to buy a property in Mexico was practically unheard of.  This was a barrier to buying Riviera Maya real estate, for most people.

Foreigners who bought a Playa del Carmen condo or beachfront property Riviera Maya, always purchased Mexico real estate using assets and equity from their home country. Now it is that way once again. And it is a very good way to buy Playa del Carmen Mexico. It gives a realistic purchase price and a realistic cash return on investment. 
When lending was available it made it possible and easy for Canadians, Americans and British Citizens to buy a  property such as condo in Riviera Maya Mexico with a loan from a Mexican Bank. The mortgage for Mexico real estate is originated here in Mexico. Your real estate in Mexico is used as collateral for the loan.  This means your assets in your home country are not used to buy Playa del Carmen real estate.
Mortgages in Mexico follow the same basic format as a loan from a bank in USA or Canada. There are some variations depending on which bank makes the loan for buying real estate in Riviera Maya.

Once a Playa del Carmen condo or beachfront home Riviera Maya is identified, and once you know you want to buy real estate Playa del Carmen here is how it worked when loans were available, and will likely be once they are available again:
·      Buyer gets preapproved for loan based on income and credit score
·      Minimum Fico score required:  649
·      Loans are fixed in USD for Canadian and US citizens; income in USA or Canada
·      Mininum 25% down is required for a maximum loan to value of 75%
·      Loan values of 100,000 usd or more
·      Terms of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year terms available.
·      Fixed rates available or adjustable rates for your mortgage in Mexico
·      Best loan rates ever in the history of Mexico available
·      Rates for Mortgage in Mexico can range from 5.50 percent to 9%
·      Cash Refinance mortgages are available also
·      Buyer pays closing costs of approximately 6%
·      Usually a loan is closed in 45-60 days.
·      Mortgages in Mexico were available from Major Mexican banks connected with Canadian or USA reputable banks 

·      Work directly with the bank for your mortgage in Mexico, or use one of our reputable Mortgage broker to shop the  best prices and terms for you.
·      Just contact me for more information. I will put you in touch with the private source or an owner direct for your mortgage in Mexico.

Yes! You can Own Property in Paradise! Riviera Maya Real Estate

Yes! You can Own Property in Paradise!

The Mexican laws permit foreigners to acquire the rights to use, enjoy and avail, real estate located in the Coastal and border area of México, through a trust contract (fideicomiso) with a bank. It is the only legal instrument and the most advantageous available, foreigners can acquire land in México for touristic or industrial purposes, having the same rights and obligations that a full ownership property gives.


In México, there is a Bank, which is authorized to open fiduciary accounts and conduct trust operations. The Trustee holds legal title to the real estate property during the term of the trust contract, and is also empowered with rights and powers necessary to achieve the objectives to the contractual agreement creating the Trust.


In the trust Deed, the present owner of the land would appear as the settler or Trustor (fideicomitente) and would thereby deliver title of the real estate to the Trustee (the bank), who would hold the property during the term of the Trust for 50 years. Just to be clear, the title of the property is FOR EVER, as long as you want to own the property, until sold. It is the bank trust that renews every 50 years. It is a simple act of bank administration to renew the trust and the the property is not in jeopardy.
The Buyer (you), appears as the beneficiary (fideicomisario) of the trust. The legal effects of the trust contract is that the Trustee will keep temporary ownership of the real estate, in so doing it complies with the laws (article 27 of the Mexican Constitution) that prohibit foreigners from acquiring full ownership of the real estate located 50 kilometers wide along the coastlines and 100 kilometers wide along the border areas of México. This belt of Land is so called "The Restricted Zone".
While as foreigners you cannot record title to land in the "Restricted Zone", you can own the Beneficial interest to the Trust contract. It is, in a way, like owning 100 per cent of the shares of a corporation. It gives you the buyer all the rights and responsibilities of ownership.


You or the seller must provide to the bank the following information:
  • A) A copy of the real estate title or deed indicating the exact surface area and boundaries.
  • B) A copy of a draft of the property.
  • C) The name (s) of the beneficiary (ies), nationality, address and phone number.
  • D) The agreed purchase price.
Upon receiving the information and documents, the bank shall proceed to apply at the foreign affairs ministry, for the Trust Permit; once obtained at the Bank, we shall proceed to execute and legalize the Trust Contract before a notary public. Notaries in México have far greater legal competence than those in the United States. The notary public is an attorney at law, who is authorized by the Goverment to give final formality to the title transfer process in his protocol Book. The resulting document taken from his protocol book is registered at the public registry of the properties, and it will give evidence of the title in the name of the buyer.


As the Trust Beneficiary, you will have the use and possesion of the property, that is, you may live on the land, live in the condo or house, build, make alterations, and improvements. You may have the right to mortgage the real estate, rent it or sell it or transfer the property to your beneficial interest to another person or corporation.
If you sell the property to another foreigner, you may assign your beneficial interest to the new purchaser. This assignment of rights must be formalized before a Méxican notary public, prior to the payment of the federal and local taxes and fees that arise from the transfer of beneficial rights.
You will have the obligation to pay the duties on land, i.e.: Annual property tax, condominium, maintenance fees, water, electricity, annual Trustee fee, ETC.


The fees which the Trust Division of Bancomer S.A., charges for this type of Trust are:
  • A) As a Trustee acceptance charge approximately 1500 $ USD, payable once upon the signing of the Trust Contract.
  • B) For the handling and servicing of the Trust, approximately $600.00 USD a year, payable in advance. This fee will be increased by the Trustee each two years, according to the U.S.A. inflation rate.
Every year, on the anniversary date of the Trust, the Bank shall mail to your address the bill of the annual fee for keeping the property in Trust.


You must pay out the fees, taxes and expenses that arise from the purchase as well as the formalization of the Trust deed before a Méxican notary public.
Also, you will pay the cost of the permit that must be obtained from the foreign affairs ministry to acquire the property in Trust, and the recording of the Trust deed at the National Registry of Foreign Investments.


The Beneficiary has the right to appoint substitute Beneficiary (ies) who will recieve all the rights and obligations that arise from the Trust contract, if the Beneficiary dies during the life of the Trust.
With this designation of subtitute Beneficiaries, your heirds will not need to follow any probate proceeding before the Méxican courts, that could take time and attorneys fees. They would only have to give notice to the bank of the deceased and show the death certificate and their identifications. Then, the bank will give instructions to a notary public as to the proper protocol of the documents and with the resulting deed register them as the new owners (Beneficiaries) of the Trust property.


On December 27, 1993 a presidential decree was issued establishing the new Foreign Investment Law. According to article 13 of this Law, the foreign affairs Ministry shall allow the renewall of the Trust over the "Restricted Zone" upon the expiration of their term.
Furthermore, the foreign affairs ministry may authorize a new Trust over real estate transfered from one Trust to another for a period up to 50 years when the Beneficiaries of the original and the new Trust are different.
If you wish to obtain further information please call an associate at Living Riviera Maya


1 800 441 3275

Playa del Carmen MLS Real Estate

If you need help finding MLS Riviera Maya properties or Playa del Carmen Real Estate, you have come to the right place. Contact Judi Shaw at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate Services  to help you find real estate for sale in Riviera Maya, including Playa del Carmen, Playacar, Puerto Aventuras, Playa Paraiso, Akumal, and Tulum. We work in a cooperative way with all other real estate agencies to give both the buyer and the seller the best possible service. You will find more Playa del Carmen condos and more beachfront homes Playa del Carmen by working with us because we survey of all listings in the area through personal contacts, websites, developers and for sale by owners listings. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, saving you time energy and money. Let us go to work for you when you want to find Playa del Carmen properties or other Riviera Maya Real Estate.  Let us serve you with our extensive contacts and years of experience.
While there isn’t an official MLS Riviera Maya yet with central data-base for real estate listings, operated by an impartial official real estate governing body, here is some advice to help you perform thorough a search, as much as possible:

Hire a Skilled Riviera Maya Real Estate Agent

Hiring a skilled real estate agent that’s well-versed in the area you’re interested in property listings ensures you that you’ll receive the best advice and information that include Riviera Maya MLS listings searches across many companies and listings.
Searching on line, on your own can be confusing time consuming and may show you inaccurate information. Living Riviera Maya Real Estate and Judi Shaw can streamline the process for you.
Google searching may not provide you with the results you’re looking for. Why? Because, not all listings in Riviera Maya will be easily available to the public. Property searches require manual legwork, contacts, web searches and back pocket listings. To help you find what you want, work with an experienced professional that is well versed and well connected and experienced in the Riviera Maya. This can make buying and selling Riviera Maya MLS listings and properties an easier and more fruitful process.
Judi Shaw at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate Services will show you any property of interest to you,  even if it a listing belonging to another real estate agent Playa del Carmen. This helps you because you work with one agent, rather than have to juggle between contact and appointments with multiple real estate agents that cover the Riviera Maya area.
A single point of contact with expert knowledge of the area also prevents costly mistakes when working with an agent like Judi Shaw or Living Riviera Maya Real Estate. They know the true market status. Judi’s team will advise if Riviera Maya MLS listings info is dated, inaccurate, no longer exists or if there is a price change. Working with Judi Shaw won’t cost you any money; the seller pays commission, not the buyer.

Here are some Riviera Maya property shopping tips and facts for buyers:
  • You won’t find a true Playa del Carmen MLS or MLS Riviera Maya in the way you are accustomed to in the USA or Canada.
  • A Google search for “MLS for Riviera Maya” or “MLS Playa Del Carmen” will bring you private real estate websites who have simply purchased the name “MLS Riviera Maya” and use it as a marketing name. It is not a website governed by an impartial body, as in the United States and Canada. All real estate agents in the Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya area market their own sites online, using common terms that may be official in other places. You won’t find a true ‘official’ MLS website in our area Mexico.
Companies with the name “MLS Riviera Maya” and MLS sites from other Mexico City names have their own MLS listings.
****We work with all other agencies for you, ensuring you see all listings available. This saves you time, money, and frustration, for a more effective and efficient process. As a buyer, this costs you nothing as the seller pays the commission.
Shop for your  Riviera Maya MLS listings carefully and look for a reliable and experienced real estate agent. Contact Judi Shaw if you want help finding your perfect home or condominium in Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, or the nearby areas.

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Testimonials for Judi Shaw, your Canadian Realtor on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Clients and Colleagues Share Testimonials for buying Real Estate in Playa del Carmen

Marcel and Stella from British Columbia say:
"My wife and I decided to purchase a condo on the beautiful Island of Cozumel. Buying a property can be stressful enough but when it comes to making an investment in another country, the stakes get much higher. Judi relieved much of this added stress by explaining the complete process in detail so we would not encounter anything we were not ready for. She was patient and took the time to suggest various condos that she felt would fulfill our needs. Fortunately we found the gem we were looking for. From there the process was taken care of and Judi made sure that we were protected and that nothing was omitted.
If you are looking to purchase a property around Judi’s area, I would consider you call her. It will be the first best decision you will make."
Rich A from Boca Raton says:
"I’m an investor and have worked with Judi Shaw on many multi-million dollar deals down in Mexico. I must say that Judi has always been the most knowledgeable agent and also displays the utmost professionalism. Judi is truly the best real estate agent that I’ve ever worked with and I’ve had a wonderful experience on all the deals she has put together for me."
Kevin G from Toronto, Canada says:
"Dear Judy, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for your support and efforts this past month in my search for a property in the Mayan Riviera. As you well know trying to find a new property that fits your needs in another country can be difficult. Trusting an Agent you have never met before in another country also has its risks given the high degree of ethical and legal conditions one needs to fully understand in an unfamiliar market.
I cannot thank you enough for being my eyes and ears in our search and negotiations, and caring to understand what I needed not just what I wanted. You have been honourable in fully disclosing my financial and legal risks and guiding me to an exceptional lawyer who has protected my legal interests and also treated this transaction as if it were his own. Thank you for caring for my best interests, your exceptional knowledge of the market and the properties in the area, your patience, diligence and personal efforts to help me through this property search. Your professionalism and partnership is beyond reproach.
I will recommend you to anyone looking for property in your market. Together we have been a great team and I feel I have found a new friend and someone that always has my back, Thank you  Judi !
Elisa and Mike From Seattle, WA say:
"We are first time vacation home buyers and new to purchasing property in Mexico. Judi made the process easy every step of the way by ensuring we had all the information, contacts, help and support so we could find the best place to suite our needs. Judi has been a pleasure to work with and we strongly recommend her to anyone looking for property in Riviera Maya."
Larry Williams From Ottawa Canada says:
"I have been in real estate investing fot 20 years plus, so I know some signs. On a scale of 1-10 for trustworthy, professionalism, …… you score a 10 PLUS all around! Take care Judi."

Real Estate Brokers and colleagues say:

S. Cartner, BC Real Estate Broker, Sotheby's Canada Vancouver, BC
"Judi is hard working, dedicated and passionate individual who will always provide her best when working with her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Judi and will always value her opinion when considering resort real estate opportunities in Mexico"
Teresa Gutierrez, Owner Coldwell Banker Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya
"Its always a real pleasure to deal with Judy. She has vast experience, and knowledge of the Riviera Maya real estate market, our firm has closed several sales with her, I highly recommend Judy as a true professional" 

Riviera Maya Real Estate - Buy your Home, Condo or Business in Mexico

Judi Shaw, a professional real estate agent with more than 17 years of industry expertise, was educated at the Sauder School of Business University of British Columbia and maintains requirements to remain an active licensed realtor in British Columbia, Canada with the BC Real Estate association.

With over 17 years experience in Resort Real Estate in Canada, United States and now Mexico (since 2003), working with Judi assures you of solid real estate consulting services. Her in depth experience includes representing individual property owners, land owners, large parcel lot sales, preconstruction launches of luxury real estate Mexico, high end luxury home and condo sales experience in Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Mexico and Whistler, BC. She can help you with a starter home or condo, a luxury villa real estate, commercial real estate, consult for preconstruction sales . If you need advice about buying or selling property in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, contact Judi.
Past consulting services include working with some of the largest developers in the Riviera Maya before they began their sales programs for projects such as Nizuc (a GHM/Aman condo hotel), Azul Fives, Rosewood, and others.

Expertise & Success

Judi was recruited from Whistler, BC to the Riviera Maya as a real estate sales executive in 2003, for the now well renowned luxurious Rosewood at Mayakoba. Judi and her experienced sales team were responsible for the largest launch of pre construction luxury real estate in the Riviera Maya Mexico, in an era and region of Mexico that had not ever seen such high end real estate and equivalent sale prices.
"Mayakoba has raised the bar of real estate in general in the area, and we were at the cutting edge of that. My expertise has just rolled along from that, and I have watched Playa del Carmen grow from a sleepy little town to the international hip destination it is."
Judi prides herself on her extensive network of contacts in the industry, including: legal support, tax advice, mortgage consulting, immigration assistance, rental and property management connections, and more.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Licensed with CREA (Canadian Real Estate association)
  • Member of NAR (National association of Realtors)
  • Member of Luxury Home Marketing Institute
  • Resort and second home property specialist with NAR
  • Transnational referral certificate (TRC)
Contact Judi to talk about buying or selling a home or condo in Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Playacar, Puerto Aventuras, Playa Paradise, Playa Paraiso, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tulum, Yucatan, Cozumel, or Bacalar.

2 for one in Soliman Bay, Luxury Home for Rentals or Private Residence for Sale $1,850,000USD

Awesome opportunity to own in Soliman Bay, Akumal Call 1-800-441-3275 or email Judi at

This fabulous Home for Sale in Akumal is a 6 bedroom marvel, with lush gardens, ocean views and beach front real estate.

Located in Soliman Bay, on the Mayan Riviera, this beach front luxury villa on white sandy beaches, is very privat , with panoramic views.

This residence is 5600 square feet of luxury, with 6 spacious bedrooms & 6 full baths, comfortable living spaces.

75 miles south of Cancun and 10 minutes north of Tulum. Soliman Bay is enclosed by the reef, safe for snorkeling and a great variety of fish at the reef. You may encounter turtles, rays, and school of blue & yellow tangs. Go kayaking in the blue, warm water.

This well appointed villa can accomodate 12 people comfortably, up to 14 people. Every room is air-conditioned and has a king size bed with its own full bath room.

2 master bedrooms: The master bedroom is on the beach side with its glass sliding doors inviting you out to the Caribbean sea below. The glass sliding doors allow the wonderful tropical breeze in your room. Balcony is elegant and the view is absolute gorgeous,].

2 garden rooms: To the right of a bright and airy foyer under the chandelier, there is a garden room downstairs with privacy. This beautiful, well-appointed bedroom is bright and airy looking out the massive windows. With a comfortable king size bed with wonderful oil paintings and double sink, private bath. You will love bath room with double sinks and the colorful colors of the Caribbean.

2 jungle rooms: Going up the stairs, you find a very large bedroom overlooking the gardens with a king size bed. It also has a lovely private bath with hand painted Mexican double sinks and Mexican tiles. The heavy rich wood bedroom furniture gives the room a very royal feeling.

The terrace/sun-deck on the rooftop is magnificent. This is where you can read your book in privacy or gather for great small talk among your group. At night, stargazing is amazing. The roof can be accessed only by staircase inside the villa. Here is where you have spectacular views on the entire bay and the jungle. Watch the sunrise and more importantly, the sunsets from here. Take your piña colada up and enjoy the magnificent views in all directions.

Back down on the first floor, go through the arch into the living, dining and kitchen area. Enjoy margaritas and watching satellite TV. The kitchen is well equipped with everything you need during your stay.

This terrace by the pool is very large and covered for those needing a bit of shade. The pool has lounge chairs all around, along with footbaths to rinse your feet after coming up from the beach. On the beach there are more lounge chairs and hammocks to enjoy.

A rare gem, Soliman Bay Real Estate is exclusive and private. This luxury home for sale in Akumal is a charming Mexican retreat.

Oceanfront Home in Sian Ka'an Reserve, Tulum Off the grid Secluded Luxury Home for sale

Oceanfront Home for Sale in Sian Ka'an- Off the Grid

Search current inventory of Home for Sale in Tulum, Mexico

This off the grid Oceanfront Home for Sale in Sian Ka'an can be your own private getaway or can be a successful rental property for weddings, exclusive vacationers or special events

Listing Details

House for Sale in Sian Ka'an Home for sale tulum


Fantastic Golf & Beach Resort in Akumal starting at $310,000
  • Inside the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve UNESCO
  • 2 storey house
  • Lot Size 126000 sq ft
  • Type: Residential
  • 5 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • 3,200 square feet interior plus decks and large pool outside
  • MLS SKB0139
  • Year Built 2005

Call Judi Agent at 1-800-441-3275 to see if this property is still available and arrange a showing.

Oceanfront Home for Sale in Sian Ka'an- Off the Grid

Imagine being close to a civilization that you could go there if you want, but you don't because you are luxuriating in your private beach house in Sian Kaan Tulum. New to the market, This 5 bedroom eco friendly luxury beachfront home on 330 feet of secluded beachfront, is 20 minutesshort drive south of Tulum.
Surrounded by swaying palms, and ocean waves this is the best environment in the world. 

Eco chic fully solar and wind powered house with rain chatchment system, this off grid house is poster child for self sustained comfort living in style, complete with private pool.

Views from bedrooms and terraces that take your breath away, looking across tree tops and non stop views across the lagoon, you will think this is slice of heaven. 

Rotunda style construction, the main house has large open family room and kitchen which are tastefully separated by hardwood and marble bar, lots of natural hardwood throughout, windows for lots of natural light.the main house has 2 stories. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with tiled bathrooms. The smaller house has 2 bedrooms in 2 levels, furnished in tropical comfort.

Able to accomodate up to 10 guests between the main house and the guest house, the house offers rental flexibility and family vacations for a lifetime. Make it a great business, or keep it all to yourself

Activities on the property on close by the area include bone fishing, lagoon kayaking, birdwatching, beaching, sunset walking, hammock swaying . Close by Tulum offers restaurants, shops and a little night life too.

Main house and guest house for a total of 5 bedrooms, tropical caribe style
Fully furnished
330 feet of white pristine private beach
Private pool
Dock on the lagoon out back, home to manatees and toucans
Terraces everywhere
Caretakers and caretaker accomodation on site
Solar and wind

This house is a must see, please call to book an appointment
5 bedroom eco friendly luxury beachfront home- Off the grid and in the Reserve. Call for a private showing 1-800-441-3251 or email

 Beachfront home for Sale in tulum  Oceanfront home for sale Tulum


Tulum Real Estate Lifestyle

The buzz of Tulum:
It’s where I learned the extreme sport of kiteboarding. That’s how I discovered what Tulum is all about.
Scooting along the crystalline blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean my kite powered by wind and warmth, bouncing along the rhythmic waves of the ocean, looking back toward shore at the swayin palm trees and white soft cool sand, only a few peeps walking the beaches- Tulum and kiteboarding are heaven on earth. Its what made me fall in love with the area. Once an unorganized and undiscovered territory of Mexico and largely unappreciated until recently, in the past 5-10 years Tulum has become the hot bed of activity. It is now its own new municipality. Tulum real estate and development are attracting investors from around the world.
I love Tulum and why I bought real estate in Tulum. I believe in Tulum as a gathering place for interesting people and experiences. With the New Tulum international airport, unspoiled Tulum beaches, a profitable Tulum real estate wave, and hip, pulsating beach clubs, yummy Mexican food, Italian fusion atmosphere, Tulum is the boom. Pristine, protected, undeveloped, deep long white sand beaches define the Sian Kaan Biosphere and the Boca Paila fishing lodge, famous for its bone fishing in the worlds largest salt water lagoon, also home to Manatees and monkeys. Eco hotels, eco lots, unplug, get away from it all, this is what the Tulum lifestyle is all about.
Jungle adventures in Tulum, Cenote diving, Mayan ruins of Tulum on the beach, all of this speak of its ancient and magical roots. It’s a story waiting to be experienced.

Beachfront Lot for sale on gorgeous Mayan Riviera- Build your dream house on Playa Secreto

Beachfront Lot for sale on gorgeous Mayan Riviera- Build your dream house on Playa Secreto

 Playa Secreto

Type: Lots and Land
Lot Type: RectangularStyle:  Lot / Land "beachfront"
Size: 7,000 sq. ft. "build 5000"
Lot Size:  7000sq. ft.  40ft x 175ft "right on the beach"
MLS#: SEC555

Rare Opportunity Build up to 5000 Sq Ft on this pristine lot for sale! Email for mor e info or call 1-800-441-3275
This is a rare chance to own prime beachfront lot for sale in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Located just north of Playa del Carmen, this exclusive gated neighborhood boasts some of the most expensive real estate in Riviera Maya. This beachfront lot is very affordable so you can build your beachfront home Playa del Carmen and feel rich like a king. 

White sand forever on this beachfront lot for sale Playa del Carmen.
The lot is 7000 sq ft and you can build 
Build your own beachfront dream home of 5000 ft2 on 2 levels. Live close to Playa del Carmen but be secluded and private in the tropics or Riviera Maya on a pristine beach with soft white sand, scores of marine life and tropical wildlife.

This is one of the last beachfront properties for sale in Playa Secreto.

Call now for more info.

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