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Move to Mexico and change your lifestyle

Do you remember your last holidays in Mexico and how good you felt? The sun, the beautiful nature, the vibrant culture, the food, the people and their laidback lifestyle… Do you remember the feeling you had that you could live there and be happy forever? Then you shook your head and thought… "it's just a dream, it's never going to happen!”

What if you actually decided to do just that? Move there, buy a property, change your life and start working there? What if you turned your dream into reality?

Here are a few facts that will make you really consider this option:

- Mexico's economy is in full bloom. In just a few decades its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has grown from 2% to 24%! Last time we checked, Europe and North America's had a feeble one figure GDP. Needless to say that it's one of the leading economies in the world.
With such a flourishing potential, business opportunities are everywhere.
It also means that medical and technological standards are now comparable to western countries in their bigger urbain centers.

- Mexico is particularly open to foreign entrepreneurs. You will need a visa and all the right documentation (credentials, diplomas…). You will also have to show that you have enough money to live there and launch your business before you start earning your first Pesos. But all in all, with the help of an immigration lawyer, you should have no problems starting your own business there. Especially if you intend to hire locals. And remember, even if you have limited means, in Mexico, your money goes a long way if you are careful.

- Of course, Spanish is the national language, you will need to learn it. However there's no need to be perfectly bilingual to consider moving to Mexico, especially if your business targets fellow expats or tourists. Actually, your English will be a huge advantage.

- Last but not least, finding the perfect home...It's an extremely important part of your relocation. The success of your experience in Mexico greatly depends on finding the house of your dreams. In addition you might end-up using part of your home as office-space to reduce the costs. This part of your life-changing adventure needs careful planning. The best thing you can do is use the services of a professional real-estate agent. You will receive the best advice regarding the real-estate market along with so many more important details that will help you in your new life in Mexico. It may seem surprising but it could very well be that your best ally in your relocation will be your real-estate agent!

If your dream spot is Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya then you should definitely meet Judi Shaw, Real Estate Broker and Owner of “Living Riviera Maya Real Estatae”. Ms Shaw and her excellent team will be of infinite help with your relocation.

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Living in Mexico: advice for expats or travellers planning on staying

Thinking of making Mexico your permanent home? 

You already live here but haven't had the time yet to regularize your situation? 

If you have spent over 180 days in the country you have an illegal status. You are not the only one though, there are hundreds of thousands in the same case. For this reason, the Mexican government has put into place a legalization program until December 18. Through this program, you will be able to receive a migratory document with validity for four years as a temporary resident. To learn more about the program and its various benefits, read the following article...

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Commercial Lot for Sale Playa del Carmen

Fantastic Commercial Lot for Sale- 1 block to 5th, on Constituyentes- Build condos, boutique hotel on a hopping Playa del Carmen 

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PRIME REAL ESTATE! Rare land opportunity in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

Excellent opportunity to buy a Commercial lot for Sale in Playa del Carmen.

In the Heart of Playa del Carmen, located on Constituyentes Avenue, a well travelled main street in Playa. Constituyentes leads you to the very popular north ferry dock, 5th Avenue and all the best beach clubs in Playa del Carmen. Surrounded by restaurants, banks, shopping centers, boutique hotels, all services are close by.

High traffic area!

This lot for sale is a great opportunity for any developer wanting to build condos, a boutique hotel, small resort complex in Playa del Carmen. Commercial Lot- build condos, boutique hotel, build according to Playa del Carmen standards.

This lot has great potential for it's locations, it's size and price. An ideal investment property.

Cenotes in Mexico- Great video from The Adventure Blog: Video: Secrets Of The Cenotes

I truly enjoyed this video explaining the formation of cenotes.  Living in the Mayan Riviera, i got to explore many of them.  Some are more accessible, some are hidden away in a lost world.  Make sure you visit at least one while in the Yucatan or Quintana Roo.  They truly are magical.

The Adventure Blog: Video: Secrets Of The Cenotes: One of the more interesting adventure opportunities for visitors to Mexico is the chance to go swimming and diving in the Cenotes. A Cenote ...