Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#Hurricane Ernesto will not be touching down in Playa

Playa del Carmen is a solid place, I remember Ivan, Emily & Wilma.  Although Emily was directly hitting Playa aand we were in the north outskirts of the eye for Wilma, these were VERY strong, we recovered in only 3 short days.  Here is a little history from PlayaMayaNews:

Hurricanes of the Riviera Maya PDF Print E-mail
Hurricane GilbertAugust 1951, Hurricane Charlie: - Made landfall in the Riviera Maya with 125 mph winds.
September 1967, Hurricane Beulah: - Came ashore as a Category 2, causing widespread damage.
August 1980, Hurricane Allen: - Weakened as it approached the region, sparing it from harm.
September 1988, Hurricane Gilbert: - Smashed into Cozumel with 170- mph winds and a 15-foot storm surge. Gilbert caused more than $80 million in damage on the island alone. A 125-foot Cuban freighter (the Portachernera) was stranded on the beach in Cancun, and killed more than three hundred people after it crossed the Yucatan and hit northern Mexico.
October 1995, Hurricane Roxanne: - Slammed into the Riviera Maya with 115 mph winds.
October 1998, Hurricane Mitch: - This Massive storm that was expected to hit the area, but then curved away. An American tourist was killed in a boating accident near Cancun related to the rough water.
July 2003, Hurricane Claudette: - Skirted the area with tropical storm--speed winds before continuing on to Texas.
September 2004, Hurricane Ivan: - Made a beeline for the Yucatan, causing heavy rains and high waves along the coast, before curving north and slamming Florida.
July 2005, Hurricane Emily: - Struck Cozumel as a Category 4 storm, then crossed the Riviera Maya near Puerto Aventuras, causing widespread damage, some severe, though the area quickly cleaned up and recovered.
October 2005, Hurricane Wilma:  Just 3 months after Emily, Wilma became the most intense hurricane ever in the Atlantic Basin. The eye lingered over Cozumel and Cancun for nearly a day, causing severe damage to waterfront areas and flooding much of the region.
Hurricane information courtesy of Joshua Hinsdale author of A Complete Guide: Playa del Carmen, Tulum & The Rivera Maya
Joshua Hinsdale is a professional travel writer specializing in Mexico and Latin America. He has written hundreds of hotel, restaurant and spa reviews and has written descriptions for hundreds of properties for Hotels.com / Expedia.com. He also does marketing consulting and frequently serves as a guide for high-end travelers. Joshua grew up along the Gulf Coast of Texas and currently splits his time between Marina del Rey, California and Galveston, Texas. He travels to Mexico and Latin America as often as possible to keep his information fresh and current.

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