Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Condos in the Riviera Maya for low low prices of 183,000- 220,000USD

Writing in today for Judi Shaw, I have been working with Judi for over 5 years now.  Thank Judi for being a great realtor with integrity, a friend and dedicated Playense!


I've wanted to write about these fantastic condos for some time now.

Buying in this great development not only means high return on your investment, it also means a great place to vacation for you and or your family and friends!

I lived in Playa del Carmen & Tulum for 4 years.  I managed to stay away now for 3 full years and boy do I ever miss it.  I plan on visiting this late winter for 2 weeks (or more)...

Living in Mexico was one of my best life-experiences!  Especially the Riviera Maya.

I was able to visit many places in Mexico, but I made the Mayan Riviera my home, and guess what, everyone, I mean everyone did visit.  From Canada, the US and even my European cousins visited.  Once word got out, that I lived in a place called paradise, all had my place on their bucket list.

I even heard recently that tourist visas and visiting visas are easier to obtain...more on that later!

Anyways, if I could move back I would.  But instead, I get to write about lovely properties in the Riviera.  and don't forget, I get to visit whenever I want.

I look forward to visiting with my little toddler soon!

This property is astounding to me.  In a beautiful gated community, with amenities galore, golf, pools, the beach, the jungle and all harmoniously built with sacred Mayan surrounding!  How exciting. 

See the listing for yourself and make sure to visit this property with Judi on your next visit to Mexico!

Discover the Most Sought-After Master Planned Community in Mexico
These Akumal Pre-construction Condos: a lifestyle enhanced by the grandeur of ancient culture As with other Mayan cities, we use nature as a cornerstone for connecting with the universe.

Located within a quality master planned golf community, on a five hectare plot of which only two hectares will be developed, the environment is this pre-construction project greatest ally in this journey of transformation towards a lifestyle in total harmony with nature.

In this beautiful development we have maintained the biodiversity of the area, painstakingly preserving the cenotes; the cenotes are locations of long standing tradition where the senses and internal balance are focused.
-Combining with ease the facilities of modern living with the mysticism of the Mayan tradition.
-A new concept which honors the ancestral Mayan culture and their beliefs within the master planned.
-Featuring resort-style amenities that include a Private Clubhouse, Café, Restaurant, Spa, Gym facilities, 1500 m2 of swimming pools, Events facilities, Jacuzzi, 2.5 km jungle walkway, Observatory, Cenotes, 3 hectares of natural landscape.

These mystical Condos for Sale include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options starting as low as $197,000USD up to $358,000USD Riviera Maya Presale Pre-construction prices Riviera Maya.

With a modern architectural style, simple lines, light colors, hardwood and natural stone and it is an investment property for sale in Mexico's Rivera Maya where luxury and comfort are always in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings

Riviera Maya Condos for Sale Promoted as an attractive investment property development in Mexico because of its top-quality infrastructure. If you are interested in Caribbean real estate for sale, owning a property in Mexico, and specifically in the Riviera Maya can be a dream come true with this luxurious residential complex

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